Thursday, August 30, 2012

Convention Friends & Gifts - Part 2

Hello !!  I'm back !! 

So sorry for the delay in posting my Part 2.   It just hasn't been a happening event lately.   So now I'm trying to get caught up with everything since Convention.  So this post is a little bit lengthy.

Here is one very good reason why:
Our darling granddaughter has been visiting us for the past 2 months.  We had such a great time and really enjoyed every single moment !!   I took her back home this past weekend, as school starts next Tuesday.   She actually made the No Sew Blanket that she is wrapped up in, all by herself after a few pointers from me.  And I thought that this project would keep her busy for a few days.  She had it all done in a day!  Silly me.   Miss You and Love You Kalina !!

Edited:     Just wanted to let you know that I removed the picture of Kalina at her request.

So we left off with Lorri Heiling and now we'll start with Connie Babbert and Mary Brown.

I was so excited when I ran into Connie and Mary just coming out of the Memento Mall.  Connie and Mary know me by name quite well as I was the one who paid for the same class twice.  They've already warned me that I have already paid for the next one.  We had a good laugh about that !

We had a few minutes to take some pics and do a quick swap.  This is the swap that I received from Connie.  Super cute idea that could be used for a variety of occasions, like holding a gift card for someone special!  Connie has her Business Card inside hers, what a great way to hand out your information to a new or existing customer!  Thank You Connie !

We had a Team Meeting the night before Convention started at Squatters.  Here are some very Special ladies!  Cherie Manderschied, Brenda Cardinal, Susan Campfield and myself.  I'm so thankful for their friendship!  Cherie is Brenda and Susan's Upline and Susan is my Upline.

This is one of the gifts that I received from Susan.  A beautiful card with a gorgeous bracelet attached.  The bracelet is made using the Vintage Faceted Designer Buttons. 

I also received this awesome gift from Susan too.  She doesn't sew, which makes this gift that much more special as she actually made these for all her downline at Convention.  This Business Card Holder was made using the New Essentials Designer Fabric.  I LOVE it !!  Thank You Susan!

Isn't this the cutest Mini Photo Album!!  I got this gift from Brenda.   Thank You Brenda!

It was so much FUN to meet these 2 ladies!!  Janet McColley and Jennifer Valk.  We were standing in line waiting to get into Momento Mall.  Jennifer said, your name is so familar.  So we got to talking and they recognized my name from Inking Everything with Becky !!  How exciting to meet 2 of the actual designers in Becky's group!! 

This Beautiful pair of Earrings I received from Kathy Larrivey.  Becky actually arranged for Kathy and I to meet.  So we met at the Airport, shared a shuttle to the Hotel and then went to dinner together on Tuesday night.  Kathy is also in Becky's downline.  Thanks Kathy !!

While at lunch one day, I was so lucky to find Ann Schach!  I have been a follower of Ann's blog "The Stampin Schach" for quite some time.  So I was so excited to finally meet her in person!

Now this Lovely Lady has been the best roomie ever!!  Gloria and I have been Convention Roomies for the past 3 years.   Miss YOU Gloria!!  Looking forward to next year and watching you walk across the BIG Stage for your 5 Year Anniversary with Stampin' Up !!

Just a few reasons why I so LOVE what I do and LOVE sharing with YOU !!!!

Thanks for stopping by today and being so understanding while I was MIA !!

Happy Stamping !!!

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