Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Valentine Flower Bouquet !

If you are like me, I so LOVE getting Flowers anytime of the year.  But especially on Valentine's Day!   One year on my birthday, my wonderful husband made me a beautiful bouquet of handmade Heart Cookies! He even made the cookies from scratch and added the stems which were made out of wooden dowels and the cookies even had Pretty Pink icing.  The Heart Cookies were in a vase and all wrapped up in red cello wrap.  Just like they came from a florist!  However, the florist didn't deliver the Bouquet, actually my husband hand delivered them to me at work.  It was the BEST Bouquet that I'd ever received.  I was pretty impressed since it was totally a handmade gift from the heart.  So I got to thinking about that one and then I found the most perfect gift to give him on Valentine's Day.   So it was on Andrea Walford's blog that I found the perfect gift.  (Here's the idea )
So I decided that I could do this, so here is my Special Bouquet of Flowers for my Special Man on Valentine's Day!! 

Ta Dah !!!!  The Perfect Gift !!

Now I wasn't able to find the cookies that Andrea had in her bouquet, which was a big disappointment.
I also couldn't find the perfect vase, so what was a girl to do.  I decided that I could use the Hershey Hearts for my centers instead of the cookies and this cute little Coca Cola glass for my vase.   

Below is a close up of one of the Flowers, so that you can see just how beautiful these really are. 

So this year for Valentine's Day, think about sending your Special Valentine a Flower Bouquet!!
Remember only 11 more days until Valentine's Day !!!

Thanks for stopping by today !!!

Happy Stamping !!

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