Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 2014 Stamp A Stack

Each year I have the opportunity to participate in my upline's Stamp A Stack.  There is one in February, one in June and then October.  We always have a great time stamping.  I finally remembered to take some pictures of some of my customers enjoying the night!

Everyone that comes completes 2 cards of each of the 5 Designs.  The cards are designed by my Upline, Susan Campfield and fellow Demonstrator Brenda Cardinal.  So here's a look at the cards that they made during this session.

Next I have a couple of pictures of some of my customers that attended the February Session:

From left to right:    Traci, Alex and Kami
Yes, "Real Men" do stamp !!  Woo Hoo !!  This is the second Stamp A Stack session for Alex.

Here's Kami and Alex working at one of the stations in the living room.

While Traci is working at another station in the kitchen.

At another station which is downstairs in the Viking room - Kami and Alex are discussing the steps in making their cards.

Now Traci is almost finished with all of her cards.  Smiles around for all.

I'll be sharing some closer views of the actual cards in my next post.

So stop by again to see them.

I do "Thank You" for stopping by today!  Maybe next time you'll be joining us for the FUN !!

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