Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Birthday - Card In a Box !!

Hope that you are all staying warm, it's so COLD here in the Twin Cities.  Schools are closed yet again tomorrow and possibly Tuesday due to the cold temps and blowing snow. 

I have Lots of Birthdays in this month of January!  So as promised here is another Card in A Box for a Big Birthday!  Love these cards as there is so much that you can do to make your card a Special One.  

This is my take on making someone's Birthday a Special one !!

I've taken several pictures so you can see all the sides of this FUN Card in a Box!

I added some strips of the Medium Window Sheets to adhere the Balloons so they would look like they were floating in the air.

The back is the inside of your card.

If you missed my prior post of my Valentine's Day version of the Card in a Box, just click  ( Here ).
In my prior post I also have the link to the video that Tanya Bell did showing you how to put the box together.  I do hope that you give this FUN card a try !!  I also made another Card in a Box for my Brother whose Birthday is today, but I forgot to take some pictures of that.  Sorry.

Thanks for stopping by today !

Happy Stamping !!!

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